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O let the Son of God enfold you with his spirit and his love. Let him fill your heart and satisfy your soul. O let him have the things that hold you, and his Spirit like a dove will descend upon your life and make you whole.

May you continue to live in the joy and grace of our Lord.



Welcome to our website.

A warmer welcome awaits you as you come and attend one of our worship services.  The 8:30 AM service is small, intimate and informal.  The 10:30 AM service is a very traditional Methodist service, with wonderful fellowship (and food) to follow after both services. Note: For the duration of the mandated COVID-19 rules, we have discontinued services in our sanctuary. We are streaming both services on our Facebook group page, Mohave Valley United Methodist Church.  Please join us there. We are located at 1593 E. Lipan Blvd. in Fort Mohave (just east of Hwy 95).  Our phone number is (928)768-3092. We look forward to seeing you here. For more information, click here…

Mohave Valley Food Pantry.  Can be reached at, (928)-768-8779  during regular business hours, Mon.- Fri. 9:00 AM to 11:45 AM.  (Closed on legal holidays.) We are here to serve you during these hours. All are welcome!! (Please bring I.D. and proof of address. Thank you. )

 Updates and Events

Our Food Pantry is still in operation. We now ask that everyone remain in their cars and we will come out to help them.

Our MV Food Pantry, in the week ending  March 29th, was able to supply food for 182.  This translates to 3640 meals. This is made possible by your generous donations. We thank you all for your support!

 Bible Study will  be held every Thursday.   Sharon Anderson will be leading Bible Study on Thursdays at 10:00am. 

Due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak we sadly have curtailed in person church activities including Sunday services. However, we are live streaming a service at 8:30 am. You may watch the entire service live at this time on our group page on Facebook.  This will also be saved on Facebook for later replay. On Facebook, search for Mohave Valley United Methodist Church. This will lead you to our group.  If you have not joined Facebook, go to Facebook.com and sign up. It is free. 

As of September 27, 2020, We have been given approval to open our service to to 50 people and are again having two services or 50 people each. Please call the office or Janet Rumfelt if you would like to attend. We  need to make sure we have room for you considering the guidelines. Everyone will need to wear a mask before entering.  Just remember, wearing a mask protects you from others somewhat, but protects others from you far, far more. It is our love for fellow man that wisdom bids us to wear a mask.

Now that we can begin limited in person services, we will need to to keep ourselves safe as well as others. This will involve a number of practices that we have not done before.  One of these is to require all attendees to read a reopen covenant.  Below is a copy of this covenant for your information.  Janet has emailed this to everyone.  If you haven’t received it, there are copies at the church.

Update:  From Pastor Gene,  written by Erna Snukis.

For those who missed Pastor Gene’s Announcement today – We have been provisionally approved to resume in person worship services as of Sunday, Sept. 27th (not before as Pastor is out of town). Should, due to the Labor Day Weekend, the state have a re-shut down of services, this may change.
Arizona still has a state mandate of 50 people maximum. Therefore, we will need to have head counts on those who intend to attend a service on Sunday to call the church office and let Maggie know so we can manage the situation. Services will be at 8:30 am (and still streamed on Facebook) and 10:30 am. If attendance demands it, a third service may be added in the near future. Be aware that Maggie will monitor the numbers and inform if there is need to move to a different service than you preferred one. Please be patient with this new process.
Notes to remember: masks will be mandatory to attend in the sanctuary. Hands must be sanitized upon entry. Your temperature will be taken upon entry. Social distancing must be practiced. If necessary, directed seating will be part of the service. No close contact with one another as we strive to continue to be safe as we worship. Fist or elbow bumps are now the new hug and handshake.
We have a printed covenant of worship that you may receive as you attend. These are the guidelines by which we will abide during this transition time. It is for information, no need to sign and return.
If you have any questions, please let me or Maggie know.
God bless you all.


             Reopen Covenant for Mohave Valley United Methodist Church

Having stood shoulder to shoulder for the past 23 years as we became a church even through tough times, the people of this church offer up a sacred covenant, one with another, to stand firm during this crisis.  In order to fulfil the precepts of John Wesley’s ministry, we will do no harm and we pledge to do all the good we can do.

            We will honor the words of the Bishop of the Desert Southwest Conference and give heed to the wisdom that may be brought by the Bishop in guiding us through the times and stress of this virus driven situation.

            We will stay away from any and all functions of this church if we or our family have developed symptoms of the virus driven illness.  Likewise, we will be absent if we have been in the company of one so afflicted.

            As a duty to those around us, we shall wear a face mask to worship or other functions of this church.

            We will strive to practice safe social distancing when in the company of anyone outside our family. We will refrain from contact such hugs, handshakes and/or kisses.

            We agree to properly use all sanitization practices needed to assure safely at all times, including hand washing, hand sanitizing, proper cleaning of facilities and any others deemed necessary.

            For the safe and proper spacing in worship, we will willingly be seated at the discretion of the ushers in charge.  Traditional seating may need to be altered due to special needs.

            We agree to continue to support the Mohave Valley UMC with prayer, presence, gifts, and talents to the utmost of our ability and to go beyond our normal level when possible.

            We will observe personally and refer visitors to the signs directing our activities posted at each entrance.

            We will be patient with one another and let the love of Christ be seen in all its glory through individual and corporate acts of love and concern.

            We will follow these words through this pandemic time and strive to continue this new relationship through years to come that we may walk as one with Christ.


I will abide by the signs and directions from the transition team and agree that I will not seek legal action involving the Mohave Valley United Methodist Church should I/we contract the Covid-19 virus.


And, don’t forget our script program. Denny’s, Bonanza, Hunters Steakhouse, Vito’s and Dandy Donuts all participate. If you are unfamiliar with this national program, please ask.


And, if you have a Smiths rewards card, you can go to www.smithsfooddrug.com/inspire and link your card to organization OQ313. Then a percentage of your purchases will be donated to our church script account! With only 22 signed up, we still received a $72.26 quarterly check! So please sign up, once you do, it will be automatic.

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Continued Prayers for Pastor Gene and his wife Nancy.

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