In Loving Memory of those who have gone to be with the Father.


Jim Sack                              December

Don Pletting                       December

Ann Irving                          December

Joe Snukis                           November

Rosemarie Pearson           November

La Rue Glaum                    October

Al Trueman                        October

Nancy Veon                        September

Bill Charles                         September

Knox McCloy                     August

Donna Lovelace                August

Greg Meyer                        August

Paul Baisden                      July

Bernice Dillaway              July

Dorras Barnes                   February

Mike Rotter                        February


Leonard Nichols                 December

Rudy Lott                             December

Roger Anderson                  August

Maggie Bunch                     May

John Fay                               March

Frank Holmes                     February

Bill Stamatakis                    February

Ruth Root                             February

Linda Grade                        January

Phyllis Schaup                    January


Bonnie Rotter                    December

Art Lovelace                       December

Judy Ramsey                     September

Ray Gardner                     September

Harold Dittemore            July

Vernon Zander                 May

Debbie Thompson           May

Micleta Johnson              April

Walt Thomas                    February

Frank Poulin                    February

Heather Stanfiel              January

Phil Ward                         January


Jim Melick                        December

Fred Schaupp                   September

Lora Mann                        September

Clay Deetz                         July

Pete Idsinga                     June

Bob Henderson               June

Larry Hanna                     May

Marie Rankin                   April

Lorena Meyer                  March

Ken Rumfelt                    March

Jody Angle Fitzjerrells  February


Mary Madsen             December 12, 2016

Max Miller                  December 10, 2016

Gary Webb                 November 7th, 2016

Mary Ellen McCloy  June 30th, 2016

Barbara Hazlett        June 6th, 2016

Sue Sell

Richard Sjogren

Larry Lawhon         April 23rd, 2016

John Wilkes            February 9th, 2016

Janet Scofield         January 18th, 2016

Carolyn Vaughn     January 16th, 2016

Pete Stanfiel           January 9th, 2016

Memorials, 2015

Dean Wolfe            December 31st, 2015

Nola Charles          November 15th, 2015

Bruce Johnson      November 11th, 2015

Tom Cobb

Martha Gorden      October 17th, 2015

Fay Whitty

Donna Chastain,     November, 15th, 2014

Joellyn Suchy,        December, 25th, 2014

Beate Ahlers,          December, 31st, 2014

Dorothy Aitken,      April, 18th, 2015

Dan Rich,                  May, 31st, 2015

Margaret Hallford   Aug, 3rd, 2015

Paulette Miller Celebration

In Loving Memory of those who have gone to be with the Father before us.