Special Music and Performances

Video performances of our Special Music and performances, including our Desert Chimes.


Desert Chimes 4-28-19

Desert Chimes 3-24-19      I apologize for the low volume at the beginning, it gets louder.

Desert Chimes 2-17-19

Desert Chimes 1-20-19

Desert Chimes 12-16-18

Desert Chimes 11-18-18

Veterans Days Presentation by our Sunday School November 11, 2018

Desert Chimes 10-28-18

Desert Chimes 9-30-28

Pastor Gene explains and demonstrates the Hula

Children’s Skit 6-17-18 Vacation Bible Study

Shirley and Sharon 5-27-18

Shirley and Sharon 5-25-18

Desert Chimes 5-20-18

Desert Chimes 4-15-18

Sunday School presentation 4-8-18

Maundy Thursday 3-29-18 This is the first time our church has done this. I think we did really well for the first time and we really enjoyed it!
Kudo’s to Aurele Gagne for bringing this to us and organizing it.

Desert Chimes 3-11-18

Desert Chimes 2-18-18

Desert Chimes 1-28-18

Desert Chimes 12-17-17

Childrens Christmas Play 12-17-17

Concert 11-17-17